A Passion for People & Planet

Healthy hydration is all about happy energy for people and planet. That means no nasties, zero calories (excludes juice range), locally produced and bottled in glass - to reduce carbon emissions and promote purity and infinite recyclability without any microplastics. SABA PREMIUM BEVERAGES is exactly that and more. Definitely no refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our stevia and erythritol are both certified organic. Stevia is a herbal sweetener and erythritol is sourced from from corn through fermentation.

We are also 100% certified organic

Unlike some products that claim “Organic” yet do not have the independent certification. If it’s not certified, it’s not the real thing.

Giving back

We love to share the journey of success. That’s why we give back 50% of our profits to charities dedicated to restoring our forests, such as Greenfleet. We are also proud supporters of the iconic Australia Zoo.

Do you have a cause close to your heart? Let us know and we’ll donate towards it!

Why only glass

The average person eats, drinks and breathes between 78,000 and 211,000 microplastic particles every year - and that is considered an underestimate. Research entitled 'Human Consumption of Microplastics' by Cox et al. published in Environmental Science & Technology presents an analysis of 26 studies from around the world and calculates the average amount of microplastics found in common consumables.

As our infographic shows, the biggest known source of microplastic that enters our bodies is bottled water. Based on 4 separate studies, the average number of particles per litre is 94.

*Based on an American diet. Including via inhalation and water consumption (bottled or tap). Figures are ‘likely underestimates”. Source: ‘Human Consumption of Microplastics’, Cox et al. in Environmental Science & Technology (2019).

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